Param Corporation is leading manufacturer of Cast Iron, Steel Casting & Metal Casting Parts with more of experience in casting manufacturing. The factory situated at Rajkot Gujarat, company’s registered corporate office at Rajkot since 2008. We are the manufacturer of the Metal Casting, Steel Casting, Graded Casting, Cast Iron Casting and Aluminium Casting according to customers drawing and samples. The company’s motto of “INSISTING ON QUALITY” from the beginning is the driving force behind casting products with folly complete machining components. Our main products manufacturer in castings are Automobile Parts, Marine Parts, Cotton Ginning Machine Parts, Textiles Parts, Railway Parts, Earth movers & Road equipment Parts, Elevators, Conveyors Parts as well as Industrial Gears casting parts. The company has complete infrastructure in terms of technical technology and operational manpower with casting foundry and new technology machinery required to suit the need of our customers. We are manufacturers of castings supply all over India and also exporting to out of India like European countries, African countries & Gulf countries. As far as quality is concerned for our casting products our motto is quality and completeness only.    

Ginning Machine

Indian cotton Ginning Industry is second largest in world and first largest in India. Cotton Ginning play important role of separation of fibers from cotton seeds and convert into salable. Cotton Ginning is primary  processing industries whose main function is clean and gin the seed cotton. Their are main four Ginning Technologies which are 1) Double Roller Ginning 2) Saw Ginning 3) Rotobar Knife Roller Ginning and 4) Single Roller used in all over world. In most of countries ginning is performed on saw gin. There has been interest in roller ginning, particularly its benefits over saw ginning in regard of higher ginning rates and better maintenance of fiber length.  It very well might be reference here that the saw ginning consistently growth. The majority of the advancements have occurred during new period all through the India while somewhere else on world like USA and China has huge improvements. Param Corporation mostly is leading manufacturing company of different types of ginning machines like Double Roller Ginning machine, Auto feeder Ginning machine, Cotton baling press Ginning machine as well as Automation conveyor Ginning machine in India and also export out side India,