Our expertise in agriculture casting enables us to cultivate a wide range of agricultural equipment. From the intricately designed tractor gear boxes to the robust  allure of iron brackets, our collection encompasses components tailored to meet the diverse demands of cradles, iron supports, break drums and array of complementary elements that seamlessly integrated into the ever-evolving farming landscape. Going beyond production, our dedication extends to delivering both low and high volume manufacturing, accompanied by a comprehensive suits of service that enhance the value we bring to our esteemed clintele.


Vehicle manufacturing is the most common use for application of casting in the automobile industry. The idea behind casting was originally created for automobiles. Vehicle require complex shape and size for different parts of vehicle it is mandatory to use zinc die casting. 

Earth Mover & Road equipments

Earth moving equipment play an important role in infrastructure development. It is usually deployed in severe conditions. It calls for steady and reliable to build the machines. We care in manufacturing earth moving like Rollers, Link Rod Eyes, Trunnions, Cap-end covers and other components that can heavy loads.


Casting for marine application require air and water sealing surface. We offers testing and impregnation service to leak proof castings. Additionally we offers powder coat for further protect casting. Work with casting provider with a best quality parts and services. 


With our advanced manufacturing technology for supplying components in transportation over the years, and we provide railway engine components manufacturer, with our technology and skilled resources expand our products. We manufacture variety of railway components like draw bar, anti roll bar, air break etc.


We are the manufacturers of the transformers cast steel rollers as per customer requirements. Plain & Flange types rollers.

[100 dia to 480 dia rollers sizes]

Capacity: DIN 42561-2

Transformers: Rollers, Load capacity 5 tone to 20 tone


We offering wide range of Textile Machinery casting which is mainly used in textile industry for several application. These are manufactured using best quality raw material and offer longer life. With products through various tests to ensure their international standards.